Divorce Lawyers Aren't A Dime a Dozen

By Mike Selvon

Respectable divorce lawyers will know every infinitesimal detail about the divorce laws in your state. It is extremely important to find an attorney who possesses this knowledge because it will ultimately determine the outcome of your case.

Divorces involve a slew of issues, ranging from who will get the house to who gains custody of any children from the marriage. In a world where finding a suitable lawyer can consist of looking in the yellow pages or reading a billboard, it is no wonder why case after case is drawn out over months at a time.

The first thing to consider with divorce lawyers is where to find a good one for you. There are several reputable places to find divorce lawyers, and many come from professional or personal recommendations. If you and your spouse sought counseling before deciding to proceed with a divorce, the marriage counselor can give you solid recommendations on who to use.

Suggestions for attorneys can also come from a lawyer you already employ for other services, such as taxes or wills. They will have the inside knowledge to inform you which divorce lawyers have a good reputation in court.

Another source of divorce lawyers could be from friends who recently went through a divorce. They will be able to honestly tell you how their experience was and if you should even consult a specific attorney.

It is required to go through an interview process before finding a job, so why not do the same when looking for divorce lawyers? Interviewing several attorneys before making a choice is important because it will allow you to get an overall analysis of who is out there to help your case. Interviews can help you learn the persona an attorney employs when in front of a judge, and it can help you feel at ease when you meet with them alone.

A number of divorces turn out unfavorably because the client did not do the necessary research to see how their attorney fit their needs. Divorce lawyers will also keep you abreast of the new litigation that governs your state, making it easier to appear competent in front of a judge. Finally, interviewing an attorney will allow you to gain the necessary trust you need for your divorce, especially if you are seeking custody and visitation rights for any children involved.

There are other things to consider when choosing divorce lawyers, and that is the issue of fees. Fees are going to vary from one attorney to the next, and you need to be sure it will accommodate your wallet. Choosing a divorce lawyer means deciding if you want someone who works for a large firm or who runs their own office.

You also need to see how they bill you for their service. Some lawyers like to have their fees paid in advance and then will deduct cost when the services are not used. Other attorneys may employ a pay-as-you-go policy.

Lawyers who use the services of paralegals and office aids may cost more than other lawyers who do all the work by themselves. Finding out how long an attorney has practiced can determine how much he or she will charge. Once you have decided upon a fee, be sure that all the requisite papers are signed and witnessed so you won't be held accountable for extra charges.

When the unfortunate situation arises and you have to search for divorce lawyers, be sure to proceed with caution before making a final choice. Divorce lawyers can specialize in a variety of areas, so you need to know what your own situation requires before signing a contract.

It is also important to trust the lawyer you will use because he or she will have to delve into personal information. If you don't trust the lawyer, you will not feel comfortable with the outcome of your divorce settlement. Choosing the right attorney can determine if you gain a fair property division settlement or obtain joint legal custody for a child.

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How To Choose The Best Divorce Lawyer

By Jeff Schuman

I'm sure you understand that divorce is a legal conclusion of marriage according to the law. So finding a divorce lawyer to help you normally is the way to go. Finding the best divorce lawyer can be helpful in getting through this tough time.

The relationship between you and your spouse is personal and privileged. Going through divorce does not change that. To keep it that way you need a divorce attorney that you can trust and feel relaxed with.

Making the decision to divorce is a hard decision that involves a lot of feelings and sometimes can lead to bad things all the way around if not handled properly.

Divorce is a life altering process. You should be as ready as possible for allof the legal steps that are involved. A divorce lawyer will provide you with the needed help and information to make your divorce as smooth as possible.

One of the biggest issues you face when divorcing is when there are children involved. It is helpful to separate as friends both for you and for your kids. This will make the process less exhausting for all of you.

There are some situations where you may not use a divorce attorney. These are not common due to the demanding number of legal matters. Going through divorce without an attorney is generally not a good idea. Some courts even discourage you from representing yourself.

When finding the best divorce lawyer you should feel comfortable with the lawyer or trust them. Remember, they are working for you!

Before choosing a divorce lawyer make a list of qualifications you want in them. These might take into account

  • Do you prefer a male or female lawyer.
  • Their age
  • Amount of prevous cases
  • The overall cost of the process.
  • The amount of time this will take.

Another way to find out if you will be at ease with the lawyer is to schedule a free consultation. Be sure to ask a lot of questions, this will be their interview process. You have the right to know all terms and advice in your lawyer-client relationship. That also goes for court proceedings. Your divorce attorney is representing you in the court and you have the right to know what going on.

Always remember before hiring a divorce attorney have a written agreement for their services. Take the time to read through it before signing anything. Getting everything acknowledged up front will help give you the correct frame of mind to deal with what is before you.

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The Importance of Choosing the Right Divorce Lawyer

By Nathan Dawson

Choosing the right divorce attorney may have a huge long-term impact when it comes to coping with divorce, as financial stress may be lessened if you receive sound divorce advice. Therefore, hiring a competent professional attorney can mean the difference between a low-cost divorce and drawn-out divorce proceedings that seem to have no end in sight.

In fact, throughout the process toward a divorce settlement, your lawyer should be your best source of divorce information. He or she will consult with you about the rights of your child, whether or not you will be entitled to receive alimony, division of assets and liabilities, and so much more. Your attorney will explain everything you need to know about how to get a divorce.

If you are a wife with a particularly sensitive situation and are in need of the best divorce help, seek out an attorney who is familiar the issues dealing with women and divorce. Alternately, if you are the husband in the divorce case and you are worried that you may be taken advantage of, do your best to find an attorney who specializes in divorce for men.

Selecting a lawyer or attorney to represent you in a divorce case may be the most important divorce decision you will make. If you receive outstanding divorce support from your lawyer, it may end up being an easy divorce. Surely, you are looking forward to living life after divorce. The right attorney will help you get there the fastest while saving the most money!

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What You Need To Know About Alimony And Child Support In A Divorce

By Moses Wright

Alimony is designed to provide the lower-income spouse with money for living expenses. Some states refer to alimony as maintenance or spousal support. Each word refers to the same concept; one spouse providing funds to the other as part of a divorce agreement. Each state has different rules to determine how much support is paid. Alimony can be awarded for an indefinite or definite period of time. Alimony usually terminates upon remarriage of the recipient spouse.

Alimony is handled differently in the court than child support. Child support is determined by a mathematical formula used by the state for that purpose. This is a subjective process. It is a matter of determining the difference between what the custodial parent earns in relation to the income of the non-custodial parent and the needs of the child. Alimony is awarded at the discretion of the judge or by an agreement between the two parties to the divorce.

Another difference between child support and alimony is that child support is not tax deductible. Alimony payments are tax deductible to the party making the payments. Alimony must be claimed as income by the recipient party. Child support does not need to be claimed as income for tax purposes.

There are several factors a judge considers when deciding whether or not to grant alimony. Generally, courts consider the standard of living of the parties that was established during the marriage, and the circumstances of the case and of the parties. The judge will consider whether the party who is getting the award lacks sufficient property and income to provide for his/her reasonable needs and whether the party paying the alimony has sufficient property and income to provide for the other's reasonable needs.

The court may also consider each spouse's earning potential. The age and health of the parties and the length of the marriage can be factors the court considers to determine whether or not alimony is appropriate and the amount awarded. In the past, the wife was almost always the recipient of spousal support, but gender is no longer a consideration. If you live in a fault-based state, some courts consider the fault of the parties when determining support.

Because in today's society both parties to a divorce are often employed and thus jointly supported their lifestyle, alimony has become somewhat of a rarity. Temporary spousal support is sometimes instituted at the time of separation. This may be used to give an unemployed or under-employed spouse time to become financially independent. Even if alimony is awarded, both spouses often have difficulty maintaining the lifestyle they had during the marriage.

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Divorce and Family Law

By Arthur R. Carmano Jr.

Divorce and Family Law

Divorce and family law issues are difficult to deal with for any family. Property must be divided, custody must be discussed, and the issues must be worked through so that both sides can have closure. Representing yourself in a divorce or family law case is not recommended because you may miss out on opportunities to strengthen your case or miss important information that can cause a negative outcome. Divorce and family law attorneys are the ideal professionals to work with if you want to file for divorce or work through a family issue using the court system. Knowing what kinds of cases a divorce and family lawyer can handle will help you choose the best attorney for your specific situation.


If you want your spouse to pay alimony or you want the amount of alimony you are receiving to be increased, an experienced divorce lawyer can see to it that the courts hear your side of the story so that you get the best outcome. If your spouse is seeking alimony from you, or requests that the amount of alimony you are paying is increased, a qualified attorney can work with you to minimize the amount of alimony you need to pay, especially if it presents a financial hardship.

Child Support

Child support is usually paid to the custodial parent so that the needs of children involved in a divorce case can be met. If you are seeking child support from your ex-spouse, an attorney can work with you to see to it that a child support order is made and enforced. If you are currently paying child support to your ex-spouse and it is a financial burden, an attorney can work with you to reduce the amount of child support you are responsible for paying.


A divorce and family law attorney can represent both sides of a child custody issue. If you're seeking custody of one or more children, you can be represented in court by an experienced divorce and family law attorney. If you currently have custody of your children and it is being threatened by your ex-spouse, an attorney can protect your interests and help you retain custody. Your attorney can also be instrumental in working with you to develop a visitation schedule for the non-custodial parent.

Equitable Distribution

If you're going through a divorce, a qualified family law attorney can work with you to ensure that your joint assets are equally distributed. These assets can include your home, joint bank accounts, pension plans, and other assets. A divorce attorney can also work to ensure that debt is evenly distributed so that one party is not responsible for all the joint debt that accrued during the marriage.

Post-Judgment Modification

If a judgment has already been made in a case involving your family, your attorney can work with you to get that judgment modified if your circumstances have changed. This can involve getting child support reduced if your income has been reduced or getting your children back from the custody of the state.

Domestic Violence

Divorce and family law attorneys can represent either side of a domestic violence case. Attorneys representing plaintiffs can help them prepare for court and speak on their behalf during hearings. Attorneys representing those accused of domestic violence can work with the defendant to prepare for court so that every side of the story can be told.

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